Our distinctive value proposition

CSS CAPITAL ADVISORY LLC is a registered investment advisor set up by investment professionals with more than 70 years of combined experience in financial markets. We offer personalized financial advice in wealth management for high net worth individuals.
We represent with the utmost integrity our clients’ interests vis a’ vis financial institutions and third parties. Our compensation is not linked in any way to product sales targets. In essence, our clients’ interests constitute the overriding objective of our advisory activities and we are not subject to the slightest conflict of interest when dealing with financial intermediaries, banks, custodians and any other entities. In other words, our goals are perfectly aligned with those of our clients, who benefit from our undivided professional attention and meticulous care. We take pride in our dedication towards our clients and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ goals are met.
We maintain long-term strategic relationships with our clients so they can count on stable, trustworthy and effective support by an experienced professional for any request, any information, any project and any need related to their investments.
We negotiate the best possible banking fees on behalf of our clients and our compensation is based solely on our management fee. We strive to obtain the best deals from third parties and the most efficient execution by their instructions.
We are a 100% independent company without any conflict of interest. Our team is carefully selected after a meticulous background check and an accurate vetting of their past performances.

Our Offices